A Winslow Accord Black Ops team is approved for a mission to locate the cause of lost communication at a CIA Blackstation in the Singapore Quarantine Zone. Once at the CIA Blackstation, the Black Ops team must contain and secure all materials relating to on ongoing operations of military and covert organizations under the Winslow Accord banner.


I was one of the Level Builders responsible for creating the "In Darkness " mission, the third campaign level in Black Ops 3. This included level design; building, texturing, and propping the structures and terrain; as well as "physics prop" placement, which react dynamically in the world to things like gunfire and explosions.

I also designed areas in the level that were used for In Game Cutscenes. Once finalized, those areas were given to the Animation Team for motion capture with real life actors.

All images captured from the Playstation 4 console.