A "Shellmap" is the map that plays in the background of the main menu in Command and Conquer Generals. Actions on the shellmap play in an infinite loop as long as the player remains in the game menu. The shellmaps for C&C Generals depict an endless battle, but for Vietnam Glory Obscured I decided on a tranquil scene to contrast frantic action that takes place during game play.

The shellmap for the USA depicts a Force Recon Marine standing on the beach while choppers occasionally fly overhead. Every so often, the Iowa Class Battleship fires a volley inland.

I was responsible for the sculpting, painting down textures, propping, lighting, and staging the camera.
I modeled and textured the Force Recon Soldier, M151 Jeep, UH-1 Choppers, small spikey plant, background atmospherics, and water reflection effects.
- The Battleship was modeled and textured by another artist on the team.
- Other assets and terrain textures are part of the Command and Conquer Generals asset library.