Valley of the Ethereal is a 4 player map with players starting in each corner. A river splits the map in half allowing for a 2 vs 2 game play. 4 villages are located along the river with 2 others located on the opposing middle edges of the map. A temple with terraced water pools dominates the center of the map. With many valleys and bridges, this map makes for some interesting tactics and hit and run game play.

To gather resources in VGO, we've introduced a new gameplay mechanic we call Village Logic. Players must occupy and control villages scattered throughout the map. While there are some resources supply piles scattered throughout the map, the supply is limited. Villages are key to game play and acquiring the most money so players will have to go out and secure villages. Villages become major hotspots during conflicts, which brings in our Morality System.

To capture a village , the player must capture the Master Hut, marked by a light beam over the hut that will change to the capturing team's color. The player must also have an occupying force of units within the boundary of the village, marked by a ring of light that will change to the capturing team's color when enough forces occupy the village. The Morality System comes into effect when a village hut is damaged or destroyed, the player that damaged or destroyed a village hut will loose reputation with the locals and with receive less money from villages they occupy. Reputation will increase over time as long as no more village huts are damaged or destroyed by that player.

I was responsible for the sculpting, painting down textures, propping, lighting, and staging the camera.
I modeled and textured the waterfall, Large Jungle Trees, Banana Trees, small spikey plant, supply pile, master hut, light beams, atmospherics, M151 jeep, OV10 Plane, and the US Marines.
- Other assets and terrain textures are part of the Command and Conquer Generals asset library.