The Explorer Path is one of the four options available in WildStar. This path is based off of the Explorer Bartle Archetype, and focuses on map exploration, platforming, finding secret locations, and climbing to the top (or bottom) of large structures. When not exploring the world of Nexus, those with the Explorer Path can kick back and relax with other fellow Explorers in the Explorer HQ. The Explorer HQ for the Dominion and the Exile is unique to that faction.

I was responsible for Propping and Lighting for the Exile Explorer HQ, which contained only interior spaces.
I was responsible for Terrain Sculpting, Painting down Color and Textures, Propping, and Grass Clutter for the Dominion Explorer HQ, which contained both exterior and interior spaces. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to do a lighting pass.


Explorer HQ - Exile Faction - Dorian's Ship

Explorer HQ - Exile Faction - Dorian's Lost Lab

Explorer HQ - Dominion Faction - Explorer's Club (unlit)

Explorer HQ - Dominion Faction - Statuary Gardens (unlit)