The Grimvault is an ancient Eldan holding facility built from impossibly rare exanite to contain the most dangerous outcomes of the Nexus Project. Essentially an enormous, walled wasteland today containing untold numbers of Strain-corrupted creatures, it was once the center of the Eldan experimentation on Nexus. Its exanite walls - built from more of that rare mineral than has ever been seen elsewhere in the galaxy - were constructed to contain the immensely destructive power of The Entity, trapping the ghostly and innocent creature who calls herself Drusera in the bargain.

Southern Grimvault
is a zone in central Isigrol in WildStar. It is a contested zone that has been almost entirely taken over by The Strain.

Western Grimvault
is a zone in northwestern part of Isigrol in WildStar. It is an area completely taken over by The Strain, and contains numerous powerful Eldan research facilities.

is a diseased wasteland home to the secrets of the Genesis Prime's creation. Although there are pockets of uncorrupted areas, it is mostly a foul and corrupted region in the vast Grimvault hellscape, Blighthaven is dominated by bestial Strain abominations, out-of-control Eldan constructs, and a bizarre alien monstrosity called the Globellum.

I was responsible for Terrain Sculpting, Propping, and Painting down Color, Textures, and Grass Clutter in Southern Grimvault, Western Grimvault and Blighthaven.
- The color and grass clutter painted down in the natural areas of Southern Grimvault was done by another World Artist with my oversight.
- The mountains in Blighthaven were polished by another World Artst with my oversight.