Lush, verdant Wilderrun is comprised of dense jungle, crystal blue rivers, and vibrant wildlife. At the heart of Wilderrun is the Focus of Life, a massive and ancient Eldan artifact that bestows raw primal energy on all who dwell there, and which feeds the mysterious, hidden waters of the much-south-after Everpool. As the chosen guardians of Vitara the Primeval of Life, the Torine Sisterhood will attack anyone who trespasses upon Wilderrun, which they consider holy ground.

I was responsible for Terrain Sculpting, Propping, and Painting down Color and Textures in Wilderrun.
- Some of the smaller propping, painting down of color and textures in Northern Wilderrun was done by another World Artist with my oversight.
- Grass Clutter was painted down by myself and another World Artist.